Calling Cards By Email

Why Calling Cards By Email?

- We are an independent Online Calling Card Store
- We do not represent or promote any particular long distance providers
- We offer the widest selection of Calling Cards supplied by many competing long distance carriers
- We e-mail Your Calling Card to you in Seconds! No account registration required!

No hidden charges

Most calling cards in United States and Canada comes with various connection, service and maintenance charges.

However for, new, inexperienced or casual users we recommend calling cards with no connection, no service and no any other hidden charges. Such calling cards could be used for any number of international calls of any length to any calling determination.

If choosing calling card in conventional store or on street please make sure to check calling card terms and condition (often hidden as small text at the bottom of the poster). Please note, that “no connection fee” claim does not imply that no other fees are applied. You have to check if card has absolutely no fees.