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Why Calling Cards By Email?

- We are an independent Online Calling Card Store
- We do not represent or promote any particular long distance providers
- We offer the widest selection of Calling Cards supplied by many competing long distance carriers
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Beware of service fees

Concept of calling cards with so called hidden charges looks very weird and deceptive. And this is almost correct. Hidden charges are often used by dishonest calling card service providers to mislead customers and effectively reduce number of delivered talk-minutes without increasing advertized rates.

However, such calling cards could bring a very good deal if used properly. In most cases, to get the good deal, entire balance of hidden fee calling card needs to be used for one or two long calls (to country with high per minute rates).

Another point to remember is that calling cards with hidden charges are often deceptively marketed. So it is very important to purchase such calling cards only from well-known supplier or reputable calling card store. However, if calling card you purchased was deceptively marketed you may place a complaint on CRTC complaint form.

In most cases online calling card stores work in more competitive environment and offer better deals and provide accurate information.